Art Gallery
Art Gallery is still in the works...

I have loads of poetry, drawings and paintings, which were my first main creative outlets. Then I branched out to clothing and everyday accessories. And it all began all over again as an artist. So for years this has been my love. I started selling to stores in my small town, and then built a website. I've also been a henna tattoo artist for about 8 years now. This way I can be creative on others too eight months out of the year. I truly love art of all kinds. Right now I am working on designing and creating a full collection of clothing, accessories and herbal pillows. I have so many ideas, and books of designs pouring out of me. Soon after I feel I can pause the creativity, I will begin to put a full portfolio together of all my favorite artwork: drawings and paintings back to when I was a child, a portfolio of henna body art I've done on others at faires and festivals all over California, poetry, and a collection of all of my favorite textile creations that have already found a home. I also plan to print greeting cards from my drawings on this great 100% hemp/recycled post-consumer blend card-stock I have found...SO CHECK BACK SOON! If you have any questions you can email me by selecting the "contact me" link on bottom of my home page.
Below is a sample of a few pictures of henna tattoos I've done...enjoy!
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