Hello everyone. My name is Rose, or Rosie to many. I live in my home town in the northern California foothills, Nevada City. I've been around creativity my entire life, enchanting me as a child. My mother was the most amazing artist, the reason for why I have such passion and respect for art. Through my life art supplies were always around me. I have loved exploring the worlds of drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels), watercolor and acrylic paints. As an early teen I started to branch out into creative writing. I think it's the age most of us are searching for more answers and insight in the world, questioning everything. In high school I started throwing pottery and absolutely loved it. I've tried to keep it up by taking classes at community college. Making hemp jewelry also became a favorite around the age of 15 for fun, friends and trades at festivals. And by about 2002-2003, I started working at festivals and fairs as a henna artist. I love the style and flow of henna, also known in India as Mehndi, meaning
the art of henna. I love that I am able to express my creativity on other's bodies. I have my own henna booth and travel all around California to all kinds of festivals, Reniassance and Fantasy Faires, and local craft markets. Check out my Art Gallery for views of henna I have done in the past.
My horizon expanded even more when my high school started teaching Fiber Arts. This showed me a whole new world of art and inspiration. And here I am. I've been sewing ever since. I started with patchwork hippie tops and purses (which I still love to make), selling them in some of my local stores, street faires and such. Then I got a little more serious and designed my own website in 2006, loving the idea of working at home and being a full-time artist. I've learned some good techniques of the trade working as a seamstress occasionally for some costumers I know, getting use to industrial machines. I now have my own industrial sewing machines, which is awesome, have been dying my own fabrics, re-juvinating and re-freshing my designs, creating cute and stylee new ones, and loving every minute of it. I want what I do to be what I love. That is the goal.
All of the artwork (unless stated) on this site was created and freehanded by me inspired from the realm of Nature


I have many other passions of life. Art is like a way of life or state of mind for me. I love to have fun and play hard. Swimming, sailing, hiking, bike riding, snow boarding, snow shoeing, snow mobiling, dirt bike riding, and simply walking and hanging out in the woods, to name a few. I am a nature girl through and through. It is where I am at home.
My moto for life is to live free, do great, have fun, experience, and always trust yourself. To live free is of course up to everyone's personal interpretation of what free means. Live free in your own mind, body and spirit- however you feel is right for you. Do great! I mean do great instead of be great, because I think it is easier to be good or great, but to do great as far as make and create actions of doing something positively great and beneficial for someone else, something, yourself, or a bigger picture or cause creates and puts more energy of that intent and action into the universe. Have fun of course! We are here now for this moment of life. Have as much fun as possible. Keep in touch with your inner child. Life is a big compilation of experiences, which is part of how we grow and aquire wisdom. It is up to us to see and learn from our experiences. And then I think we get to know our true selves a little bit closer. And of course you should always trust yourself! We are our own person. Things work differently for every individual. When all is lost, remember you always have yourself. You are all beautiful people.

One of the biggest lessons and challenges that I've learned in life, especially in the last year is to always trust yourself, follow your intuition and listen to your dreams. Even if it means having to confront and make action to something that seems like the hardest thing ever, or even impossible at the time. Over a year ago I lost my best friend and much, much more because of life paths turning separate directions after 13 years. Anyone that has experienced love and partnership is blessed and needs to remember to be grateful for every moment you have together. Never taking it for granted, being the best person you can be, and remember to forgive and ask for forgiveness for yourself. And maybe even having to set them free for the greatest good and what you know is best for both of you. Ram Dass once said, "the karma of relationships is the hardest karma there is." So right here and now I am sending out a blessing to someone I once knew and wish them the greatest happiness and journey in their new life. I forgive, ask for forgiveness for myself, and will always be infinitely grateful for the time and adventures we have shared while growing up together. I am continuing my journey of self-realization, becoming more independent than ever, expressing myself through my art, and staying committed to myself on my own path. Always remembering the lessons I have learned, what I want to do better in the future, for the next step as a free spirit, lover and adventurer of the world. Trying to always be full of love and spread it where ever I go. I am forever grateful for my family and friends that are in my life and love me for ME...I will never forget. Blessings, love and light!
Always remember to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)
FLY high!

BurningMan2012   Black Rock 2004
my Papa   Adorning_HENNA

(top left) Burning Man at sunrise 2012
(top right) me and my girl, Robin in Black Rock Desert 2004
(bottom left) My awesome father and guide Gabriel
(bottom right) All dressed up adorning Henna at a Reniassance Faire

Ode To the Greatest Dog Ever
The last year and a half was very hard. Three months after my sweet mother passed on, my awesome dog of 10 years passed away too. I know everyone says their dog is the cutest or the smartest, but Flint truly was human in a doggy body. He had so much awareness in his eyes, strangers told us all the time. He came to us, (my man Jason and I) by fate when he was one years old as a favor to watch him for a friend. He had a great home with us and because of certain circumstances he became our dog. We have hiked almost 400 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail together, explored the southwestern US states camping and hiking, snow hiking, and many more adventures. Loved by everyone who met him, I love you Mr. Flint.

Mr. Flint
Passed on December 29, 2008
Age 11
At top of page: (Left) My campsite for three days during a rain and lightning storm on PCT 2003.
(Right) "On Top of the World" from lookout tower on top of the Sierra Buttes
go bACK
An Angel Has Spread Her Wings
My Dear Mother
Kathleen "Catalina" O'Brien-Ely
Born March 21, 1954
Passed on in my arms September 9, 2008
Blessed my sweerheart mother.
The most kind angelic person you would ever meet. A devotee of Ama, believer of spirit and consciousness, amazing artist, astrologer, and the greatest mom. I love and miss you so much!

To anyone who has ever lost someone close to you, my heart reaches out. May everyone cherrish the relationships we have, for we were meant to know and be a part of the people in our lives.
Love and blessings to all!

babyMEandMOM lilMEandMOM us at Celtic Fest
(left) Mom and I about age 1
(center top) Mom and I in the Sierra Nevada Mtns
(center bottom) My beautiful mother 2005
(right) Mom and I at Grass Valley Celtic Festival 2005
Thank you for taking a look into my website and a piece of me. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me by selecting link to the right. Many blessings and good day!

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my Aunt and I

(top left) Myself on roadtrip through southwest 2005

(top right) My Aunt and I in Santa Fe, NM 2013

(left) Mobbing my dirt bike, got 2nd place in my first enduro race 2011

(right) sanctuary at friend's house during visit in Brazil 2012

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